Birthday: October 23rd – November 21st
Element: Water
Ruling planet: Pluto
Symbol: The Scorpion
Stone: Topaz
Description: Passion, desire and power go hand in hand for Scorpios. Your biggest challenge in life is choosing between the power of love and the love of power. Coming to grips with your extraordinary emotional depths and sensitivity isn’t easy for people around you. You are different from all other zodiac signs. Others can often live with a Scorpio partner for years, but not really know you. Your eyes often blaze with feelings that words never express. When you deal with a Scorpio you have to have to deal with them on an intuitive level. Too often Scorpio say “no” when you really mean “yes”. You have contrary natures. Once you find true love you can be the most faithful and dedicated of all partners, but fall out badly with a Scorpio and you are likely to find you will never forget or forgive. Reputed to be the “most powerful” sign of the zodiac, Scorpios have intense and dramatic personal relationships. Scorpios often know all the answers, but often have difficulty finding what you need to develop your own happiness.

Find your match.


Scorpio – Aries

This is probably a terrible match. According to what I’ve read about Scorpio, they tend to be a sexual sign. Really, Scorpio is too far caught up in their own guilt and over-analysis of every situation to actually enjoy sex. Aries doesn’t feel guilty about much. They believe that they should do everything and anything they want, whenever they want. Scorpio’s dark thoughts and feelings will seep into their relationship with Aries. Their fascination with manipulation, death, and self guilt is far from Aries interests. Aries doesn’t believe in feeling guilty, nor do they believe in manipulating people to get what they want. Aries’ mean what they say and say what they mean. This is vastly different than Scorpio’s approach to getting what they want and can cause conflict. However, these two can meet on a sexual level because both are very into physicality. It’s not a good match overall because of their vastly different approaches to sex and life.


Scorpio – Taurus

Here we have two very manipulative signs trying to get the other. Taurus will manipulate anyone to get money and Scorpio will manipulate just to manipulate. They can both appear to be really sneaky. Taurus isn’t as sneaky as they think they are. Many times Taurus thinks they are being sneaky or manipulating and getting away with it, like a 10 year old kid thinking that they are tricking their parents, they usually aren’t. Taurus is manipulative in a very straightforward and unsophisticated manner, where as Scorpio is the master of manipulation. Scorpio will actually laugh at Taurus’ attempts to be financially manipulative. Taurus may fool many, but not Scorpio. Scorpio can see right through Taurus’ facade and may be doing deceitful things right behind Taurus’ back. This is a very tricky combination, literally and figuratively.


Scorpio – Gemini

We have two really complex signs trying to get together here and this is not a good dance to get involved in. Scorpio is always suspicious of everything and everyone at all times and they often don’t act because they over analyze situations. They think that there is some hidden bottom line that will bite them in the rear if they get too involved in something. With Gemini, there probably is and I would advise Scorpio to stay away from Gemini. They aren’t trying to be deceitful like Scorpio is, but they do have multiple personalities. At times they aren’t even aware of their other personalities. These are not ‘other’ personalities in the psychological or psychiatric sense, but tendencies that sometimes control them. When they are controlled by one tendency, they aren’t aware of the other and vice versa. This can seem deceiving, but it isn’t done intentionally. Scorpio, on the other hand, is trying to trick them and everyone else in the world. There is just too much deceit and confusion in this combination. I’d say run, both of you!


Scorpio – Cancer

These two water signs could make a great pairing. Any time you have water signs together, fire signs together, earth signs together, or air signs together, there is at least the tendency to understand each other. If you start mixing and matching, then the understanding will begin to diminish and instead a balancing can occur. Although there will be many emotions in this relationship, there will also be much understanding. Scorpio and Cancer are two signs that hide their true motives and in many cases there will be deceit. It is possible however, that neither one will know that they are being deceived by the other. Ignorance is bliss. Scorpio usually hides a secret life. Cancer has secret motives to control and collapse the independence of their partner. Scorpio will be wise to Cancer’s ways as will Cancer see through Scorpio’s secrets. There will still be a veil of deceit that will never be detected by either. Overall this can be a good combination. There may be many tissues involved with these two water signs, but there will also be a tremendous amount of love, nourishing and understanding.


Scorpio – Leo

I can’t think of anything good that will come from this relationship. Scorpio is a water sign and also very manipulative. Leo, represented by the sun, is in charge of everything. So the idea is that Leo is in charge and Scorpio is secretly trying to undermine Leo’s authority. This will not happen because a Leo must be in charge at all times. Scorpio wont be the least bit happy with this. Scorpio females also tend to want to dominate and gain power. If we combine a Scorpio female with a male Leo, we get a power struggle. Leo males will bow down slightly out of respect for their partner, but not enough for Scorpio to feel satisfied. I would advise both to seek other partners.


Scorpio – Virgo

This is a match that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Scorpio is interested in manipulating behind the scenes. Virgo is interested in catering to their partner and showing loving and logical support. Really these two would do better with other signs. Virgo will put up with Scorpio, but it will ultimately be a bad idea to put up with the nonsense. Scorpio may do some damage that Virgo will have to cleanup after, or should have avoided in the first place.


Scorpio – Libra

Scorpio with Libra is a match that doesn’t make much sense. Scorpio is interested in manipulating and studying dark subjects like death, and covert operations. Libra is interested in making the lighting look right in the room and balancing out work and play. These two have completely different interests and combining them makes zero sense.


Scorpio – Scorpio

This match is probably a very bad idea. We have two people who are full of secrets and are constantly engaging in secret activities. However, they are also very good at catching other people who are attempting to engage in secret activities. They will both do things behind the others back, but both are experts at detecting. There is going to be a lot of deceit and a bunch of getting caught. It is better for these two to play games with less suspecting signs.


Scorpio – Sagittarius

This is not a great match. Scorpio, a water sign, gets easily offended and Sagittarius, a fire sign, speaks their mind. Scorpio also holds a grudge. They let go of no wrong doing and always seek revenge. Sagittarius has foot in mouth syndrome. They often put their foot in their mouth by saying things that hurt people, but say them anyway because they have no filters. They will say whatever they feel to Scorpio and Scorpio will not only take offense, but take note to get revenge in the future. Sagittarius constantly treads on thin ice and Scorpio will only cause them anger. This is a match to be avoided.


Scorpio – Capricorn

Lets take a look at Capricorn with Scorpio. I’d say there is nothing great or terrible to report about these two being together. Capricorn tends to be boring early on in life. Once they hit about forty, they become a little more exciting because they have procurred all the money they want. This will help loosen them up a bit and they will begin to enjoy life. Scorpio can sometimes be a little wild and interestingly enough so can Capricorn at times. It is a rare instance, but when you have a wild Capricorn and a Scorpio, the relationship can be very fun, but also has the potential to be dangerous. In the event that you have a typical boring Capricorn and a typical deceitful Scorpio, you may end up with a boring relationship. Capricorn will work at a job they hate, saving all their money while Scorpio is figuring out a way to steal all that money from behind Capricorn’s back.


Scorpio – Aquarius

Aquarius and Scorpio is not a good idea. Scorpio is interested in manipulation, power and control behind the scenes. Aquarius is interested in everyone getting along, having equal things, and making the world a better, pollution-free place for us to live. They have two completely different interests. Scorpio can be very emotionally dependent because they are a water sign. Aquarius wont support this being that they are the lone wolf of the zodiac. Scorpio is interested in having a deep emotional connection that the water sign requires, so it’s not a good match all around.


Scorpio – Pisces

When I look at Pisces and Scorpio, I see the potential for a good match. I know a couple, female Pisces and male Scorpio, who have been married about fifteen years. They are both water signs. Pisces is very creative. Scorpio can be very manipulative, however, Pisces is such an advanced sign, that they will understand the manipulation and see right through it. Pisces has this advantage of understanding, being the eldest of the zodiac. Much like an elderly person, they understand the silliness that youngsters engage in. Scorpio is not an extremely young sign, but all are younger than Pisces. There is a tendency for a codependency to develop here, although I have seen this combination work tremendously well.

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